Great time at the Las Vegas Souvenir Show

I spent two great days at the #LVSouvenirShow and am excited about bringing new products just in time for Christmas. It was our first time attending the show and it did not disappoint.

I met a lot of nice people and wanted to purchase so many things outside of our realm! (The child in me wanted to open a plushie and science kit store.) In addition to cell phone cases, look for flasks, oil wick lighters, and shot glasses to come soon. Send us your designs or personalize one of ours for a great #gift

One product I couldn’t resist is a tree germination kit. Growing up in upstate New York and attending college in Northern California I loved to see the trees change with the seasons. We don’t get a lot of that in Los Angeles and fall is a particularly nostalgic time for me. Let’s make the world greener, one seedling at a time.

I recently got a new laser printer to expand the possibilities of the items we carry. It has been both fun and frustrating printing on everything from cellphone cases to ceramic tile. After a crash course in Adobe Illustrator, things are finally coming together. I thought these ceramic tiles would be great to make into coasters. They have cork on the bottom to protect surfaces against scratches and can be customized to your needs. I’ll be adding different themes but the first set, a cocktail theme is available on Etsy. We offer customized printing so you can turn family photos into coasters for a great gift!

If you or someone you know is an artist, I’d love to collaborate so we can get new designs out there and promote the artist’s work. Please email me to discuss opportunities. 

It’s been a while since the last post. Mostly because there’s been so many new items, and partly because it’s summer and time for some fun! There are new styles being developed so keep an eye out for some great, affordable pieces. There’s other projects underway so check back soon to see more!

Don’t forget, Leelo Jewelry offers free shipping on all orders of $15 or more.